Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a long, strange trip it's been!

The originals!
I got into this hobby a long time ago, but put it aside due to not having anyone to play with, and not having the money to support the hobby fully. As a kid, though, I really loved the GW models. These guys were some of the first I ever painted. The tactical sergeant on the right is painted with Testor's model car paints. I'm fairly sure he wasn't primed, either. To some degree, I'm sure the Skaven Warlock in the middle is painted with Testor's as well; This mini is a testament to how much I copped out back in the early days. This guy barely has 3 colors on him, and very little effort was made to paint him. I originally played Skaven on my first go-around of Mordheim.

The sergeant on the right appears to be half Ultramarine, half Dark Angel. My original army was themed around the Dark Angels, probably because they are "Dark" and had a sword icon. I never had much in the way of 40k minis; Just what came in the 3rd edition starter box and a command squad.

Captain in Terminator Armor
Oh, and this guy. Also painted in Dark Angels colors, you can see my laziness and inexperience here. Granted, this is before the era of washes, and I don't recall being able to buy inks readily. I never really played 40k when I had pieces in the past. A Captain in Terminator Armor is a huge waste of points in most situations (at least in this current edition.)

Blood Angels Space Marine
This is the first tactical marine I finished for my Blood Angels. He's miles above my old Dark Angels. I still keep my Dark Angels around on my desk though -- they are forever a testament to how far I've come, painting-wise. It's probably good practice to keep some minis like these in view -- it certainly inspires my to push my limits as a new painter.

Don't forget your roots -- embrace them!

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  1. *digs through box to find one of my first model, pulls out one from like 5 years ago...sets on desk...compares to new ones, depressed sigh*