Saturday, June 4, 2011

Psychedelic Tyranids WIP

Tyranid Warrior w/Devourer

To be honest with you viewer - i'm not sure how this list will work out. I haven't played since the addition of the Trygon, Raveners, and the various 24 genestealer hoardes and broodlord. And I have barely played my nids even then. I suspect I should win. I probably won't - but we won't know until I play.

215 pts. Hive Tyrant (170)
w/stranglethorn cannon (20)
w/Hive Commander (25)

100 pts. Tyranid Warriors x3 (90)
w/ Barbed Strangler x1 (10)

270 pts. Genestealer Brood x16 (224)
w/ Broodlord (46)

168 pts. Genestealer Brood x12 (168)

168 pts. Genestealer Brood x12 (168)

160 pts. Termagant Brood x16 (80)
w/ Devourers (80)

128 pts. Hormagaunt Brood x16 (96)
w/ Toxin Sacs (32)

Fast Attack
90 pts. Ravener Brood x3 (90)

Heavy Support
200 pts. Trygon (200)

Total 1499

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