Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mordheim Warlock (mostly) done

The Warband: Mercucio Enterprises, LLC
While I've listed most of these guys as done, I'd say they're only done for now. There's lots more washing and highlighting I could do on the youngbloods and captain (among others,) because originally I felt like keeping a 'grimy' feel to the warband.
These are rich boys who are getting dirty in the streets of mordheim, and I wanted the clothing to reflect as such. There are better ways, though. I also need to pick out the eyes and tone down some of the facial blends with washes.

Mordheim Warlock
This isn't the original Warlock miniature -- those aren't made anymore and are quite difficult to find on eBay in good condition. For the price + shipping asked, I decided to go to the local GW store and pick up the Battle Wizards kit.

Staff Detail
The staff is the main deal with this guy, as I wanted a wandering Warlock to look, well, downright grimy and pale. I think I went a little overboard. In person, his skin tone is almost ghoulish. His staff is a magical implement though, so it should be the centerpiece of the model. It's goblin green, highlighted with scorpion green, and blood red roses over black highlighted with fiery orange. This is also my first attempt at the GW rust technique. Although the rust looks okay, I don't think I pulled off the scratches on the front of the blade well...

He does have some gold details under his robe, but they're kind of hard to see.

Pending some touch-ups, the entire warband as it stands in the campaign right now is painted, which is great news for me. I am looking forward for taking a painted Mordheim army to the Bowie Battle Bunker, where we hope to represent that the game (Mordheim) isn't dead. We got a few looks on opening day, but most people either didn't care, didn't know what the game was, or didn't see enough eye candy to be drawn in!

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