Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bronze Hormagaunt wip

Colors Used : Dwarven Bronze, Tin Bitz, Bubonic Brown, Sunburst Yellow, Blazing Orange, Fortress Grey, Badab Black.

A lot had initially gone wrong with this design. The base was white and coated with Badab Black. At one point Badab was mistaken for Chaos Black, so I attempted to rub off the paint with water. Rubbing off the paint stripped the primer which resulted in a Fortress Grey colored body, with dark crevices. I did it to the entire body and evened it out with Fortress Grey.

The orange mouth was also unintentional.

I will probably touch up on this model in the future, and further perfect the mechanical organism theme. Oh, and give it a base ;p

Despite the problems I had with this model I am happy with the results. My original plan was to paint my Tyrgon this way - A mechanical creature with bright yellow and orange innards. I feel I will have to practice on a few more until I go for it.

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