Monday, June 6, 2011

More Marienburgers finished...

Spent a large portion of the day basing, priming, and painting minis. There's some Eldar ready for painting after this, but today for your consideration...
Today's minis!

Now, the warlock isn't done, but I figured i'd throw him in the shot to show how many bases I did today. I am happy enough to keep them, but I can't help but think that fantasy bases are a bit harder to give a smooth look to than the round 40k ones.
Fortunado, Marienburg Champion
Fortunado is still alive in my campaign, despite losing an arm (luckily, he's gained an attack to make up for it.) This is my first attempt at doing an eye on any humanoid mini. I kind of like it.
Mercucio, former Marienburg Champion
Mercucio was Fortunado's brother. They both got taken out of action in the same game, and while Fortunado lost an arm, Mercucio lost his life. Figured I'd finish the mini off anyway.

Yriel, Elf Ranger

Lardo, Halfling Scout
My hired swords have performed for me pretty well so far. They are by far better shooters than humans. Luckily, they haven't come into close combat yet.
Johnny Q, Marienburg Champion
Johnny Q took Mercucio's place and has been besting him at everything so far. The dude is a tank and has taken down many of Zni's skaven :D
The last remaining swordsman from the originals of the warband... all of the other henchmen have been killed off. I've been left for broke for a while, but soon i'll finally have enough money to afford some spearmen...

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