Friday, March 29, 2013

Army Lists For 500 pt Meetup

Just posting the Eldar and Tyranid lists we'll be using tomorrow... pictures will be on the way!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Keeping 40k Relevant

I technically started getting into the GW hobby in 1999, during I believe 40k's 2nd/3rd edition, and Fantasy's 5th edition. I've visited Games Workshop stores a lot, known a lot of employees, and I've watched how the game has grown and changed as both players get older and the company's business scheme has changed. In my own life, 40k was never the huge main hobby, but one of several, like D&D, online gaming, music, and writing. I still love the premise of the game though, and the miniatures. I've put a lot of time into them, and had some fun experiences. The problem is, the 40k game just seems so... disorganized right now.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random Review: Dropzone Games

So, the Games Workshop Battle Bunker (and headquarters) in Glen Burnie closed down a while ago. It was alright place, a bit out of the way really. The selling point was the tables; The Battle Bunker (and the current one in Bowie, MD) was loaded with Realm of Battle boards painted to a high standard, with well painted official GW terrain. The downside was that you had to deal with Games Workshop's selling approach from a number of employees and well, the place was pretty much restricted to Games Workshop products. The place also seemed to attract a certain crowd that I'm sure you've seen on the internet -- people who are just downright CRAZY about tournament caliber, large 40k games (1850+.) When I heard that the store was bought out and turned into a Wargaming store, well, it sounded like it could be great. Especially if it was anything like what I saw from Miniwargaming's Youtube videos... which many wargaming stores should be looking at!