Sunday, May 12, 2013

Necromonday & Bladestorm Saturday (Pics)

The last Monday in April was the first of our local game store Games and Stuff's "Necromonday" events, hosted by a guy named Dylan I had never met prior. I really enjoyed GW's specialist games range, as evidenced by the Mordheim posts I occasionally get around to. Naturally, I was pretty stoked to try out Necromunda, a game that I've never had a chance to even see in person. It was virtually phased out in the area by the time I had started Mordheim. I don't have a lot of sci-fi models suitable for a Necromunda gang, but I was thinking at the time that if I liked it enough, I'd probably go home and buy a metal gang, probably Escher, or Redemptionists. I've been pretty partial to the model of 'The Caller' also, even though I have no clue what the relevance to the game is.