Sunday, June 5, 2011


Mordheim Marienburg Warband - Youngbloods with Captain (center)

I started playing Mordheim back in 2000 or so when it was released. It's a game where each player takes control of a small warband that makes its money venturing into the "City of the Damned" and collecting Wyrdstone.
Gold can buy you more henchmen and equipment for your next battle. All of your characters gain experience and will level up over time. At the year 2000, however, I was still pretty young, and had no idea just how cool the concept of  this game is.

It's a bit different than 40k because these guys start out with such low stat lines, they'll pretty much fail any task you give them at first. You'll be required to take initiative tests to climb up a floor in ruins, and many of these guys will be 50/50 on getting up a floor for a while. Shooting is a game of luck, because even if you wound a target, you only have a 1/3 chance of finishing them off, even if they have no armor save. Models can withstand a lot more punishment than even some basic 40k captains!

Anyway, I bought this for Zni's birthday with the 40k box set in mind. She's taken up Skaven and i've taken up Marienburg Mercenaries. We're currently some number of games into our first campaign, not taking it too seriously, just trying to make sure we get all the rules hammered out for our real competitive one ;)

Champion, Elf Ranger, Halfling Scout
Champion, Swordsman, Warlock
Plenty more reinforcements ready for purchase!

As you can see, I have a really messy, dusty desk. It's where I do all of this work and it's usually covered in models. I've taken special care not to spoil all of the cool projects around here...

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