Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RIP Nyx, and the week without the camera...

Kurei and Nyx
 I've been slacking on the posting recently, but the painting has kept up. What has kept me? Well, Zni has been spending the weekend preparing for Free Spirit Gathering, where she will be working. As well, our bird Nyx has been acting curious for some time. That is, until today, when she passed away...

I won't dwell on it much, but I wanted to mention it. We have five birds, and this was the mother of three of them. We only have one white budgie now, and he looks very lonely with his mother gone.

Zni has taken the camera with her to photograph the week at Free Spirit Gathering. Since she is working there, she is getting in for free, and I didn't go because the event is quite expensive (over $200 I believe!) Also, I don't really know that much about it. So anyway, while the painting will continue and more pictures will be posted after this Sunday when Zni returns -- I have an interesting challenge ahead of me. I'm pretty much going to have to use stock images and actually discuss some stuff... other than painting.

I have a lot of thoughts on 40k and Mordheim, but I haven't played Fantasy so I don't really know what I'm talking about there (other than how brilliantly my Gor herd was cast! Barely any mold lines at all!) While the folks over at Eldar Acceptance Society can blog about individual unit profiles, though, I'm just not sure I have it in me to write these style articles. Instead, I like to talk about tactics in GW games, terrain and objective placement, and list composition. Don't get me wrong, I'm not Dashofpepper, or any renowned tournament participant. I have had a good run with my Eldar now and think that I finally understand how the army works best.

I'd love to keep my followers entertained (however few you may be at the moment! ;D) so if you have any suggestions as to specifics that you'd like to hear about, I will assuredly at least throw it a mention in a larger article, if not write an entire post about it!

I'll end this post by mentioning the new Grey Knights FAQ. I haven't encountered a Grey Knights force yet, and I'm not sure I'm as effected as others are by the power shift. There are some very surprising rulings and some pretty strong combos are still supported. Maybe Tyranids will get a bit of a re-FAQ to bring them up to standard, they're a fairly new codex that seems laughable compared to this. Same principle as always though - force mass armor saves or negate the armor saves entirely. They're just more expensive Space Marines, right?

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