Friday, June 10, 2011

Blood Angels: Classic Death Company

Metal Blood Angels Death Company
Today I decided to finish up the basing on some mostly painted miniatures, namely my classic BA Death Company squad. I got these guys from a good friend, stripped them of their original paintjobs, and went to work.
They've been sitting in a half-finished state for a while, and will still need more work after this posting. These guys demand heavy amounts of highlighting, and doing so on black armor is one of the most tedious tasks I've ever faced. If anyone has any tips, I'd love for you to dump them.

This starts the beginning of this army being based pretty much as GW's "moonscape" or "ash waste" style. A lot of the newer Necromunda paintjobs are on this kind of basing as well. This is by and far one of the most economical and easy basing jobs you can do, too! Most of the time, players will be priming their army black; If you make sure to put your modelling grit onto the base before you prime, you will have black earth. Drybrush this with Codex Grey, then Fortress Grey. Clean up the rim with Chaos Black. Done.

CCW Scout Squad
I did have some more pictures of the Death Company, but they turned out badly lit and/or blurry. I guess when it comes down to it, I'm going to have to make a light tent to take better pics for this blog.

Back on the subject of basing, I like this style of basing so much that I decided to go ahead and base my Scout Squad before I started painting them. Now they definitely look a bit more glorified than your traditional green plastic army man!

The T.A.C. Template by Gale Force 9
After yesterday's DnD session was over I went to the Games Workshop section of the local game store and picked up this bad boy. On the back it has a 6" ruler, on the front as you can see it has an assault/move template, 2" coherency, 1" bumper, 4" coherency, and a wierd trigger like hole so you can hold it like a gun. With a 4" and 6" ruler in one, I hope this will speed up our 40k and Mordheim games a little more, and prevent occasional over-measuring and accidental pre-measuring.

Oh, I forgot to add; I'm getting all of this ready because we're going to be playing a very odd game of Killteam! The rules can be found here. It's essentially a 40k mini-game.

My list:
60 pts. Death Company x3
45 pts. Jump Packs x3
15 pts. Power Weapon x1
75 pts. Scout Squad w/CCW x5


  1. For the black I like doing Codex grey then a fortress grey high light.

    Some other people enjoy doing Shadow grey on it but I dont like the blueish look


  2. Hey Julian thanks for commenting :) I do use Codex Grey then Fortress Gray for extreme highlights but even when I wash it back in with Badab Black you can still see tons of spots where my lines are uneven... only fix I've come up with so far is to go over every line and trim it down with chaos black to make them seem smoother. Hard work when there's so much highlighting going on!