Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIP Ulthwe Dire Avengers & Painting Guide

Ulthwe Dire Avengers - Work in Progress
Wednesdays are not typically a day that I get a lot done. My goal with this blog is to be able to update it every day with my progress, though, and I plan on sticking to it. So I did some work on 5 more Dire Avengers to add to the Ulthwe DA squad I posted previously.

The theme of my army revolves around 2 Farseers each with their own color scheme -- one portion of the army is Ulthwe with blue highlights, and the other portion Ulthwe with orange highlights. Think of it like the battling colors in TRON.

The recipe I used for these guys is simple, and it's all GW paints. Basecoat Chaos Black, then paint all armor plates with Mordian Blue (foundation.) Drybrush Enchanted Blue on all armor plates. Then edge highlight with Ice Blue.

All gold is done by drybrushing Shining Gold onto the metals. I would've done more elaborate guns, but the amount of minis sitting in queue necessitates speed painting. Simple golden guns will have to do. After doing the guns, I go around picking out the extra clips, grenades, and jewelry on the guy with the same gold.

I then put Dheneb Stone on the banner, faceplate, and cloth. The cloth and banners are washed heavily with Gryphonne Sepia, while the face is only lightly washed in the "W" shaped recesses (with the same stuff.) I use the GW gem technique and make all gems red, as well as the eye lenses (to get them in one go.) The formula is usually Scab Red or Red Gore, topped with Blood Red highlight and Blazing Orange extreme highlights. As I'm trying to speed paint these guys, I haven't bothered with highlighting the black, but in the future I may revisit this.

WIP Avengers in front of the finished ones.

There is good news today! My Farseer has been found, and soon pictures will be taken. Also, we've joined the From the Warp Blogroll, and you can find our updates on Blogroll #3 there. Tomorrow I'll update with what should be a finished Dire Avenger squad, my thoughts on basing minis so far, and maybe an added bonus!

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  1. Love the scheme for the blue looks great and is fast! Wish I could do that with my dark eldar... Keep it up!