Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mordheim Skaven Eshin Sorcerer WIP

Colors used : Enchanted Blue, Tin Bitz, Dwarven Bronze, Burnished Gold, Ice Blue, Tallarn Flesh, Elf Flesh, Dwarven Flesh, Vermin Brown, Scortched Brown, Sunburst Yellow, Blazing Orange, Badab Black, Baal Red, Chaos Black.

My currently unnamed sorcerer (I sort of call him Raiden, which may stick after this post) is built from a night runner body, with a human shield for a hat and a converted staff with a lantern ontop which had to be pinned.

The paint scheme has changed many times. I tried to follow the generic Scorched Brown-Tallarn Flesh-Elf Flesh method for his body and I feel I need to work on skavens more to perfect my painting methods. He is probably the only one I'll paint this way.

Currently "raiden" sports a crushed leg so he cannot run. His spell is "Sorcerer's Curse" and he wields a Warplock Pistol and a Dagger/Club. He doesn't always get to see action, but he's fairly useful when he does. My next in game purchase may be a warlock to accompany him.

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