Monday, March 26, 2012

Eldar Farseer

Hi all, just wanted to share my Ulthwe Farseer that's been done for a while. He was completed before the Mordheim gang and was a huge influence on how I did my Elf Ranger. I'm really a novice when it comes to highlighting, I just like that the blue stands out so much on the black miniature.

Rear view
The blue lining is all done with GW Enchanted Blue, Shadow Grey, and Ice Blue. The ribbon on the spear is GW Dheneb Stone with Asurmen Blue overtop. I don't quite remember what I did for the bone here... I've been experimenting a lot. I've tried a lot of Bleached Bone, Gryphonne Sepia, Devlan Mud, Skull White, etc. combinations... I haven't been doing so well with it.

This was one of my few attempts at GW style basing, using Graveyard Earth to coat the rim. I held onto the rim while painting it, though, and as a result the base is rather gunky looking from the shifted, drying paint. The sand is by Gale Force 9 (fine) and the grass is GW static grass IN A TUB, applied with superglue and blown on while drying.  I'm happy with the result. I may have to re-color the rock he is standing on.

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