Friday, March 29, 2013

Army Lists For 500 pt Meetup

Just posting the Eldar and Tyranid lists we'll be using tomorrow... pictures will be on the way!

Eldar - 497 points

Farseer - Doom, Guide, Spirit Stones (120 points)

Dire Avengers x5 (60 points)
Dire Avengers x5 (60 points)

Swooping Hawks x5 - Exarch Upgrade, Skyleap (132 points)

Wraithlord - Wraithsword, Eldar Missile Launcher (125)
 Models - 17

Tyranids - 498 points 

Hive Tyrant - Stranglethorn Cannon (190 points)

Genestealers x8 (112 points)
Genestealers x8 (112 points)
Hormagaunts x14 (84 points)
Models - 31
 Something tells me this will be an uphill battle for the Eldar, but Znijurru should have a great time tearing us up limb from limb...

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