Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mordheim Turf: HATED IT!

I bought this recently for two reasons -- one, it had Mordheim in the name, and two, it appeared at a glance to be an easier-to-use, less messy basing aid. I don't know what I was thinking; I should've seen what was coming through the fancy clear container.
This is by far the worst Games Workshop product I've ever bought. I have no idea how they could even sell something like this with the Citadel brand on it. The only good feature of this is the case, which is probably where the $5 gap between this and regular grass tubs stems from.

Mordheim turf, and it's companion, Middenland tufts, are essentially the same product in different colors. They are clumps of static grass trapped in a sticky rubber, stuck on a sheet of wax paper. To their credit, you get a lot, with tons of varying shapes and sizes to fit on any kind of base. The problem is, they just don't work. It adheres no more to a completely flat, untextured base than a sticky hand out of a gumball machine does. The rubber doesn't permanently cure -- it's just sticky rubber. On wax paper.

These things are a real joke once you try to apply them to a base with any texture -- like basic Games Workshop sand, which is shown in the product's picture. The sticky rubber is incapable of seeping between the cracks and crevices that occur on a textured base. As a result, it's actually a flat piece of rubber adhering to 1/3rd of the surface area on your models base. It falls off without too much effort (a solid knock will do to shift or remove it.) The grass looks like it was trimmed off of a large strand, so most grass is standing straight up and doesn't look properly trampled. The biggest problem, though, is that it sits visibly above your texture, and doesn't look realistic at all!

These two products are going for $13.25. For less, you can buy Games Workshop loose grasses and adhere them with superglue or Elmer's, for a much more realistic look. GW Grass still goes for $8.25, actually stays on, can be mixed with different colors, can be manipulated while drying to make it look straight or trampled... I'm sure you get the point. Gale Force 9's grass and flocks are (I believe) even cheaper. Whatever you do, don't fall for the Tuft Trap!

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  1. Interesting, I just picked up some "grasses" from Secret Weapon minis. They run about the same in terms of price, but they have more variety in them. I'm putting it to use this weekend so I'll have a full report later on.

    The grasses don't come in tufts like these do though so I'm going to have to figure out how to create/apply mine.

    Sorry to hear these did not work out for you. I'm always happy though that folks go the extra distance in basing and try to do more than just static grass so you definitely get credit there.

    Hopefully you find something that works for you.

    Ron, From the Warp