Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bladestorm League Recap

 The first Bladestorm tournament came and went with a 1000 point limit and a prize for Best Painted. The award, voted by all participants, went to this Daemon Prince converted from bits ripped from a Tomb Kings monstrous creature. The base I believe is by Secret Weapon Miniatures. There were more entries though, and more painting progress that didn't show at the 1000 point event. On the right is a half-finished Daemon Prince from another participant.

 Nick Aniello's Librarian uses bits from Blood Angels kits and also uses the new crackle effect technical paint put out by Games Workshop on the base. The result is pretty awesome -- the paint job I believe is for a custom chapter but he usually uses Iron Hands rules. Over on the right, Levi Gamill's converted C'tan Nightbringer looks more nurgle-ey for a Daemon Prince stand-in. It's a shame I didn't snap a better pic on this one. I was kind of scatterbrained that day.

 Here is commander Farsight on a Secret Weapon Miniatures base (our game store, Games and Stuff, just happens to stock a bunch of Secret Weapon Miniatures products.) The Saim-Hann War Walker looked pretty crisp but had both of its cannons broken off.

Outside of the tournament during league play Kyle Fulcher has finished up a significant chunk, if not all of a force revolving around 500 points of plague zombies and Typhus. The models are Warhammer Fantasy Zombies, The Hobbit Goblins, and of course a finecast Typhus himself.

 Our club picked up some new MDF terrain that has not been painted through various kickstarters and such. This warehouse is pretty cool. It's destined for Warmachine play, but works for 40k pretty well.

 The radioactive bases were done with Mourn Mountain Snow, then glazed with yellow and green. The army also heavily uses the new citadel technical paint for blood... Blood for the Blood God I think? There is a bunch of gore all over.

 As you can see the goblins from The Hobbit's range fit in quite well alongside the fantasy zombies.

 Joshua Beck has been making some progress on his Salamanders army.

 Various other projects have popped up at the shop too...

These next few months promise to be exciting as we extend back into 1500 or so points of play, as well as having a 500 point tournament in early March. See you at the shop!

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