Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence day!

It's been a long, fun, and downright exhausting week (& weekend) out here. I started working construction again, had an interview with Games Workshop, played a show, and still managed to keep up with my D&D group. I'm also very inspired to start converting my Expedition to Castle Ravenloft book to 4th edition. I had been talking one day with a fellow gamer/buddy/co-worker and I really realized how much I love the classic vampire setting. It'll be a welcome relief, if it happens, from the ridiculousness of True Blood and Twilight.

My Games Workshop interview was interesting. Formerly when applying for GW jobs in the area they'd send you to an assessment center with 10 or so other people. You'd all speed-paint terrain, roleplay a demo with a mock "customer," play a large game of LotR, and be taken aside from an individual interview. As with many GW policies this has changed, and now the interview is more of what you can expect from any job these days. The assessment center was fun (and they gave out a free 2005 games day Space Marine Sergeant to everyone) but I was relieved to have a normal interview after a long week of physical labor.

I suppose I haven't really mentioned it here too much, but I do play in a heavy metal band. If you're interested, you can download (or stream) our latest mini-album here. We take a lot of influence from doom, grind, thrash, death, crust, sludge... et cetera. It's raw. I've been trying to convince the guys to do some 40k songs like Bolt Thrower, but the guitarist and drummer are too cool to be associated with Warhammer. Be advised this music is probably NSFW. You probably wouldn't be too happy about your kids listening to it either.

The point of all this rambling is to let you know how busy I am recently! I have not forgotten about my minis though... miniatures are one of my biggest and dorkiest hobbies. Zni has been working on her Skaven Rat Ogre (Island of Blood edition) for her warband in Mordheim. We have a lot of experiments going on here with layering purple flesh. I'll be sure to get some pictures to you guys soon.

What I wanted to show you guys today is a Mordheim Skaven Verminkin from Zni's Mordheim warband. She let me paint one; I figured I'd offer to help get the warband finished faster.

This guy was mostly an experiment of two things -- more rust effects and dealing with multiple shades of brown.

I tried my best to make the fur different from the rust base and another tone for leather straps and pouches. 

I also wanted to make him evil, so I was sure to give him little red dot eyes for extra villainy.

Overall I think he's painted well enough for a rank-and-file troop (he's only a henchman in the warband.) There wasn't much room or inspiration on the model for freehand or extra details... I suppose that's what the Mordheim accessory sprue is for. He certainly looks expendable, and not very heroic. And the amount of rust on his armor really seems testament to how well the rat-men upkeep their equipment.

Let me know what you think! This is my first Skaven in over five years and another early try at the rust effects (and getting the metal scratches to look realistic) so your comments and criticisms help me a lot.

I hope you guys enjoy your 4th, I realize this post had pretty much nothing to do with it. Hopefully I will be able to get in an independence-themed battle over the weekend! If I do, I will be sure to write about it.

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